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Family Safety

YOLO: What Parents Need to Know About the Anonymity App Kids Use with Snapchat

If your kids use Snapchat, chances are they also use the popular new app YOLO along with it. Since it’s debut in May YOLO has been downloaded over 5 million times, and kids absolutely love it. Whether or not parents love it, however, remains to be seen. But before rendering ...

Family Safety

What Would Yoda Do? 5 Tips to Raising a Mindful Digital Jedi

A Jedi, from the epic Star Wars films, is a warrior who fights for the greater good. Jedi are set apart and rely on a higher, internal power called,The Force to guide them in life and in battle. They possess an acute sense of the world around them and are mindful ...

Family Safety

Instagram Takes Huge Step to Filter Bullies, Become a Kinder Social Hub

You’re a jerk. You’re a fat pig. You’re disgusting.  It’s hard to imagine seeing these words written about anyone, but it happens every minute online. But hopefully, Instagram users will be noticing a kinder vibe thanks to the platform’s decision to automatically delete hateful, bullying comments. Instagram, the third most ...

Family Safety

Have a Tweeting Teen in Your House? Here’s What You Need to Know

Twitter has evolved over the past decade to mean different things to different people. For adults, the platform has morphed from an epic waste of time to a go-to, daily news source and marketing channel. For kids, it’s a fun place to follow celebrities, a place to see and be ...

Family Safety

Trouble Enforcing Family Tech Rules? Stay on Track with the 4 Cs

Setting and enforcing rules — especially online safety ones — can feel close to impossible at times. But there are a few hacks that have helped me stay the course. Like the four Cs, for instance: Consistency, calm, courage, and confession. Consistency helps in setting and enforcing rules, being calm comes in ...

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