Top 5 Reasons To Participate in the McAfee Virtual Sales Kickoff

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In 2013 we remain committed to investing in, growing with and optimizing for you, our channel partners. A prime example of this commitment is our Virtual Sales Kickoff (VSKO), where we take the same content created of our Sales Kickoff and make it available to you. This year’s VSKO features a slew of new content from the latest security trends and customer pain points to how to uncover new business opportunities and how to sell against the competition.

Top 5:
1. Learn insights and predictions on security marketplace trends
2. Hear McAfee business leaders outline plans and priorities
3. Learn how to align with McAfee’s marketing focus areas for 2013
4. Earn four CE credits required in 2013 for completing both VSKO and FCPA
5. Be entered to win a new Dell Convertible Ultrabook

To get started Click Here.

And, after participating in the VSKO, come back to this blog entry and let me know what you thought, but more importantly let me know how we can improve it for next year.

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