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I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard a partner say, “I didn’t know you do that,” in reference to McAfee’s support or resources. While I make a joke about getting paid for the question, the reality is that it has to change. McAfee partners need to know how supported they are and what resources are at their fingertips.

Our partners extend our market reach, provide validation of our products and services, and extend our technical support capabilities to every corner of the globe. Without partners, McAfee couldn’t possibly cover the total addressable security market. Without partners, we wouldn’t be the market leader we are today. That’s why it’s important that our partners know what support and resources we have available regarding benefits, rewards, enablement, and support so that we can mutually succeed in security product sales and services.

What do we provide?

  • Marketing Resources: Visit the partner portal to access materials, including product brochures, white papers, technical specifications, videos, demand-generation kits, and research reports designed to aid partners in conveying the purpose, functionality, and value of security products to end customers.
  • Training and Certifications:McAfee provides training programs for acquiring and refreshing skills and certifications for demonstrating technical competency.
  • Professional Networking and Collaboration: We help partners connect with McAfee experts, as well as peer organizations, to leverage experience, knowledge, and capabilities. We recently launched a marketing peer group so partners can interact with each other in understanding and launching innovative customer outreach campaigns.
  • Business Planning: For some higher-performing partners, McAfee will form joint business plans. This benefit is tremendous, as it identifies opportunities, assigns resources, and establishes mutual performance goals and incentives.
  • Deal Protection and Sales Teaming Plans:McAfee understands that partners put a lot of effort into developing sales and customer accounts, which is why we have a deal-registration program to protect sales investments. But we go even beyond that with incumbency protection, providing assurance against encroachment on active And we also have teaming plans, with McAfee sales teams and partners working together to close sales opportunities.
  • Performance Incentives: No partner program would be complete without performance incentives. Yes, the baseline incentives are product discounts, but McAfee also offers rebates, special pricing, funding for business development, and more. We call the combination of different incentives and performance rewards our partner profitability stack. We put a lot of effort into performance incentives because we know profitable partners are happy, productive partners.

If you’re a partner reading this blog and you’re not currently tapped into these resources, and many others that we offer, it’s important that we get you there. It’s up to you to take the time to learn about McAfee resources, identify the ones that would benefit your business, and make every effort to gain access to them.

No one wants to see you succeed more than McAfee. Your success is our success. We need your help in ensuring that you have the support and resources needed for our mutual benefit. For 2017, devote a little time each week to researching and learning about all that McAfee has to offer. And if you need help identifying resources, just ask your account manager.

Together is Power!

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