Reaching GDPR: A Partner Approach

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As Raj Samani, Chief Scientist and Fellow at McAfee says, “It’s critical that businesses do everything they can to protect one of the world’s most valuable assets: data.” Whether your organization achieved compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by the enforcement date on May 25, or still has a way to go, data will continue to play a large and evolving role in every sector and at every company. Samani explains, “The good news is that businesses are finding that stricter data protection regulations benefit both consumers and their bottom line. However, many have short-term barriers to overcome to become compliant, for example, to reduce the time it takes to report a breach.”

With the high cost to achieve compliance standards and even steeper fines if the rules are not met, complying with GDPR can seem daunting. If your organization is still working on meeting the base level regulation, McAfee and our partners have a wide range of materials to assist, including the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework and a site with all you need to prepare for GDPR requirements. Additionally, McAfee Skyhigh has a detailed action guide to help organizations interpret the legislation and provide guidance on actions that need to be taken regarding data in the cloud.

McAfee doesn’t work alone in our commitment to GDPR and data security. Thanks to McAfee’s Security Innovation Alliance (SIA), we can quickly and effectively help more customers protect their data. These 125+ SIA vendors are committed to working together with our integrated ecosystem to help businesses reach and maintain GDPR standards.

While reaching compliance is the important first step, going beyond the data security fundamentals will quickly become critical to every organization, from commercial to healthcare. It is important to keep in mind that complying with GDPR does not mean you will not be breached. A genuine culture of privacy needs to be created as a core value within each organization. Consumers are increasingly aware of how companies are keeping their data secure and businesses cannot afford to lose customer confidence in relation to data security. Securing consumer’s personal data in a transparent manner can serve as a differentiating factor for any company.

As cybersecurity professionals, it is up to us at McAfee and our Partners to provide the most pertinent GDPR information to each of our customers and help instill the culture of data privacy. The advent of GDPR is the best opportunity in a generation to bring data security up to every customer’s C-Suite and introduce meaningful and lasting change in data security. Together, we can support our customers to achieve GDPR compliance and beyond!

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