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As we move into the second half of 2016, I hope you and your marketing teams have recognized the value of refining your strategic marketing initiatives to map to the new buying paradigm.  Our marketing team has certainly been hard at work developing initiatives and campaigns you can access immediately to jumpstart your efforts.

On our recent Q2 Global Channels Webcast, Allison Cerra joined us to discuss our top three corporate marketing priorities aimed at making a bigger splash than ever before in the marketing community. We are looking to elevate our efforts in thought leadership, demand generation, and strategic engagement.

  • Thought Leadership: We’re defining a thought leadership platform that allows partners to compete more effectively. A properly executed thought leadership platform will lead customers to our unique selling proposition.
  • Demand Generation: Driving a demand generation machine linked to incremental pipeline and bookings has obvious benefits to both our partners and McAfee.
  • Strategic Engagement: We’re looking to become more consultative to you and execute data-driven marketing plans.

I challenge you to take time this week to map your current marketing priorities to the new buying paradigm and identify potential areas of improvement. By aligning to industry best practices, McAfee and our partners can become market leaders and reach customers in ways our competition cannot. Tune in next week to hear more about the initiatives our corporate priorities are driving within the channel marketing team. Believe me – we are just getting started.


This blog post was written by Regan Ogner.

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