The Channel Transformation to Ascend

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This blog was written by Richard Steranka.

In our continued quest to become our customers’ #1 security vendor and our partners’ #1 security partner, McAfee executives, myself included, recently traveled the world to connect with our channel partner community for our annual Partner Summit event. This year we hosted partners in their respective region of the world, so we made five stops – Boca Raton, Florida; Tokyo and Osaka, Japan; Bangkok, Thailand; and Mallorca, Spain.

Under the theme Ascend, we showed partners across the globe how we are improving our customers’ security outcomes and elevating the security conversation with an integrated security portfolio designed to own the Threat Defense Lifecycle.

Core to solving our customer’s security challenges and creating more opportunities for partners is McAfee’s open platform. Along with our channel partners we are defining a new era in security, one where components work together as a cohesive system and one where customers benefit from the intelligence that we can offer to automate workflows and respond to protect a dynamic attack surface.

This is great news for you, our channel partners, because when you can sell an open, customizable platform, not only can you deliver a more complete solution to your customers, but your security practice will grow – larger deals, increased profitability, and higher professional services attach rates. Higher satisfaction leads to higher loyalty and greater customer retention. You get the picture, it’s a powerful cycle and how we differentiate ourselves at McAfee.

We are ascending beyond the conventional and moving to an improved channel partner program that is rich with opportunity, bold and confident with a vision and strategy to win. The market is forcing us to change and we are well positioned to ASCEND.

Visit your region’s partner portal page for Partner Summit presentations and more:

Finally, I urge partners around the globe to join us on July 14 for the Global Channels Webcast.

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