Building Bridges to a More Connected Security Environment

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For a long time, the threat intelligence landscape could be likened to an archipelago; a collection of islands. There were a few bridges here and there but the various islands remained largely inaccessible. It became clear, however, that in this era of rapidly evolving and advanced threats, we needed to find a way to build those bridges, to join the dots and ensure each part of the ‘security archipelago’ is not only connected, but integrated, with open channels of communication.

Well-funded crime organizations have continued to strain the capabilities of traditional security infrastructures, so an approach that allows organizations to draw on all available resources and make more informed and educated decisions is vital.

Security Connected

McAfee introduced the McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange (TIE) and Data Exchange Layer (DXL) in response to these challenges. It is a secure communication platform that connects and unites disparate security technologies into a single coordinated system, allowing customers to make smarter security decisions, faster.

Customers can strengthen their threat defenses by drawing upon 3rd party vendor technologies that are integrated into the McAfee platform to optimize their security operations, neutralize emerging threats, fortify critical environments and safeguard data.

In essence, McAfee TIE/DXL ushers in a new era in security where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. All components come together to work as a single cohesive system, regardless of vendor or underlying architecture.

Avecto, an McAfee Innovation Alliance partner has completed a fully integrated TIE/DXL solution to Avecto Defendpoint. This joint solution gives customers actionable intelligence on application reputation allowing them to drive configuration changes and make risk-based policy adjustments, all helping to create stronger defences against today’s threats.  You can learn more about Avecto’s integration with McAfee on a live webinar, Sept 21.   Chris Sherman, Analyst at Forrester will present on the Six Pillars of an Effective Endpoint Security Strategy, and hear from Avecto and McAfee on how to deal with the multitude of threats targeting endpoints through a balance of attack surface reduction and threat detection.   Register to attend: .

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