Becoming an Experimental Marketer

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A few years ago, Optimizely decided to try something different for the 2013 Dreamforce event, a developer and user mega-conference hosted by Salesforce in San Francisco. Instead of spending the hefty $20,000 to set up a booth at the conference, they decided to spend $7,000 to launch a 20-foot illuminated blimp into the night sky above AT&T Park in San Francisco where Salesforce was holding their after party. The blimp read, “Blimp Ads Don’t Work, Website Optimization Does.”

Experimental marketing is quite simply doing things you have never tried. And by extension, it requires an entrepreneurial mindset—a willingness to take some calculated risks to find out what works for you and your business.

Recently I had a conversation with Linda Ford of BB Marketing on this topic, applied to today’s security technology marketer. My key takeaway – the beauty of modern marketing techniques is a relatively low cost and almost immediate feedback…or lack of feedback. In other words, doing more with less, and figuring out if your marketing is working faster and more precisely than ever – when you know how to listen and respond.

Check out the video –

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Another key is to stay informed, learn from experts, and learn from peers – join the McAfee Partner Marketing Community on LinkedIn and you’ll find both.


This blog post was written by Regan Ogner.

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