How Working Together Accelerates Our Evolution

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This blog post was written by Vincent Weafer.

It is no secret that the end goal for cybersecurity companies is to battle cyber-threats & cyber-attackers in order keep their customers assets and data safe.  Easy, right? Well, the problem is that defenders must move faster than the attackers, than the changes in the underlying technologies evolve, and faster than the power of tools used by the attackers.  That is extremely difficult to achieve if you try and do it by yourself in isolation, no matter your size or skills.  Today’s cybersecurity juggernauts have tried to go about this in silos, which slows innovation in an industry that needs to evolve faster than the cybercriminals.

We’ve innovated in silos too. But no longer. With the launch of the new McAfee, we believe that #TogetherIsPower and are focusing on better collaboration to more quickly unlock the potential in our company and in the industry.

This collaboration comes in two forms: uniting across the industry in the fight against cybercrime and working together with our customers to better understand how to protect them. Both result in stronger, more innovative ideas, and ultimately, in better solutions to tricky security challenges.

Uniting the White Hat Fight

Silos have left the cybersecurity industry out of breath as it chases after inventive cybercriminals, desperate to catch up to their newest malicious innovations. And though partnerships like the Cyber Threat Alliance and technologies like McAfee Open DXL are great first steps, they’re just the beginning of an important movement. That’s where the new McAfee comes in: our new company allows us the freedom and agility to share knowledge, utilize the entire cybersecurity ecosystem to our advantage, and expand on existing partnerships and programs. There’s a difference in execution speed as well, since the new McAfee can now forge new partnerships at a faster rate than ever before – giving us a better chance at quickly tackling the newest cyber threats. Through these partnerships, white hats will begin to catch up with black hats.

Finding Strength in an Open Dialogue

Collaboration will also be a cornerstone of our customer relationships.

Our customers are the driving force behind our innovation, so it is critical that we understand their security challenges and where they see cybersecurity risks. Deeper dialogs will help generate new ideas, build stronger solutions, and solve problems more effectively.

Driving Evolution Forward

It is this dedication to collaboration – within the industry and with our customers – that defines what the new McAfee stands for as a company. We are excited about the new McAfee: a company that continues to grow, change and adapt; one that works endlessly to create better ideas, better products and better security.

For more information, follow us at @McAfee_Labs and @McAfee, and join the conversation with #TogetherIsPower

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