Remaining True in the Face of Incredible Responsibility

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By now you’ve heard the news: Intel Security has officially rebranded to McAfee. But even though our company name has changed, our values and mission continue to endure: our focus remains on educating our customers through valuable content, collaboration within the industry to share intelligence, and leading in security initaitves and innovations. Ultimately, we’re dedicated to not just maintaining, but bettering, what makes us who we are, as we face the most diverse and advanced threat landscape we’ve ever seen.

Creating Valuable Content

Unfortunately, public understanding of cybersecurity as a whole is still lacking. Why? For starters, whenever there’s a major breach, the conversation is focused on the malware behind it, not the overall impact. So users are left asking “so what?” thinking it has nothing to do with their daily lives.

It is clear that there is work to be done when it comes to addressing, analyzing, and educating the public on the current risks that exist in their digital lives. This why we’re sharpening our own threat intelligence content, so that we can start answering the “so what?”

We want to address those issues in a valuable way. So, we’re looking to develop content that is both interesting and relevant. The good news is– with the new McAfee brand, you’re only going to see more of this, as we’re going to keeping driving home content that communicates the what and the why, not just the how.

To accomplish this, we have a team of researchers dedicated to specific threats across different research categories.   Ultimately the responsibility for security firms go beyond simply the provision of technology, with a need to articulate emerging risks to an audience that do not understand the value of information

Sharing is Caring

But it not just up to us. This is a responsibility that rests on the shoulders of the entire industry—and with the new McAfee, we compete by collaborating.

Efforts like the CTA (Cyber Threat Alliance) hold us all to this sense of shared responsibility, and with it we can hold our heads high. But it’s just the start.  We will continue to push forward when it comes to things like openly releasing research  the recently released CHIPSEC framework being the most recent example. Also, the decryption tools made available through the NoMoreRansom site, as well as many other examples.

Staying True to Who We Are

Integrity is a core component of what we do as an industry, and what we do as a company. So no matter what next initiative or innovation we drive, we maintain integrity in everything we do.

It’s like we said before, our name may change, but our mission – and what guides that mission—doesn’t.

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