A New McAfee, A New Posture: Staying Agile While Still Going Big

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Our culture has an edge to it. We’re not afraid to try new things. As of right now, we’re “the new McAfee” too. Put all of that together and what you end up with is an opportunity to define how we want the world to see us.

That’s a big statement, and I’m well aware of it. To me, our speed, flexibility, and willingness to take calculated risks are cornerstones of our culture. It only makes sense that we should extend those qualities to our posture in the marketplace. That way, our customers and partners will know, without a doubt, who we are and what we stand for. By establishing the posture we want through our products and our actions, our company can make a strong stance—as the go-to source for anyone who wants to stay safe online today.

Speeding Up Our Position in the Market

When keeping people safe today, a major consideration is speed. Just as we’re quick and agile as an organization, we can easily say the same for security threats that we’re fighting. Likewise, consumers are starting to realize that cybercriminals are not just after their PCs anymore—they’re now after their connected devices like wearables and smart assistants too. As the customers’ threat surface rapidly expands across their networks, criminals are quickly exploiting it. That means that we have to operate even faster than before, all while bringing better applications and solutions to market that respond to, and even anticipate, this new breed of threats.

Opportunities like that are exciting, and they allow us to achieve our goals as a company, like be the undisputed leader when it comes to protecting consumer’s devices in the digital world and a visionary when it comes to providing protection. Today, we protect more than 250 million people a day with our consumer products, but our long-term goal is to protect more than a billion per day. And as the new McAfee, we’re in the best position to achieve that goal.

Forging Stronger Partnerships

A new posture also makes a lasting impression on our partners. Another business goal of ours is to bring the marketplace together through collaboration, which aligns with the notion of “Together is power.” The current threat landscape is an evolving challenge for everyone, and thinking that we’re going to solve it all by ourselves here at McAfee is unrealistic. It’s time the industry be more open and collaborative with one another, because if we can bring more heads together, we can bring better technology to the table. That also requires us to forge smart partnerships, like we’ve done with Arris for the Secure Home Platform and with Samsung by securing more than 20 million Smart TVs. As McAfee, we have new factors and capabilities to support our partnerships in different ways than we’ve ever done in the past. By recognizing that we all have a shared interest in keeping people safe, and by supporting our partners with our agility, speed, and ability to innovate, we both can benefit in the form of a happy and secure customer.

A new posture in the new McAfee benefits so much more than ourselves. It can benefit anyone who wants to be more secure and any business that wants to make a stand in the fight against cybercrime.

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