McAfee Completes Acquisition of tenCube (by Dave DeWalt)

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Yesterday, McAfee completed the acquisition of privately owned tenCube, the provider of the WaveSecure mobile security service. I’m excited to say that McAfee will now have a single platform, from the consumer to the enterprise, to address the management and security of all devices types, to all markets and with the most robust feature set.

Mobile security has become a key part of McAfee’s strategy for growth.  The mobile device market has grown exponentially over the last couple years. The iPhone, iPad and Android platform have really acted as agents of change—the level of innovation with these devices and the applications available is unprecedented. According to IDC, the ongoing demand for smartphones will drive the worldwide converged mobile device market to a new shipment record in 2010, with additional impetus from the shifting landscape of mobile operating systems.

McAfee is well poised to lead this market. We have more than 20 years of expertise in securing the endpoint, nearly a decade of experience securing mobile devices and a vast partner ecosystem. Now, with added technologies from tenCube and Trust Digital, we are well positioned to out innovate our competition and deliver the broadest mobile platform available.

The WaveSecure security service for consumers allows users to remotely control their devices, manage the data on their phones, ensure privacy in the event of device theft or loss and enhance the possibility of recovering the phone. McAfee also plans to offer a child locator service, using the unique technology from WaveSecure.

McAfee Trust Digital allows companies to extend the data center to smartphones in the same way that they do so for laptops, leveraging the native capabilities of the device and the enterprise IT infrastructure to deliver native applications.  With the Enterprise Mobility Management solution, enterprises can have the same data protection, compliance, and security policy management that they have with their laptops.

Adding WaveSecure’s locate, lock, back-up and wipe technology to Trust Digital’s enterprise mobility management and McAfee’s mobile security technology, gives McAfee the capabilities it needs to deliver the industry’s most complete next generation mobility platform.

We will continue to gain develop and acquire the right technologies for where the market is headed. Our future is bright and we will continue to innovate.


David DeWalt

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