McAfee is Back – And Ready to Lead

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Today we introduce a ‘new’ McAfee to the world. It’s the right move at the right time. Not only for us, but for the global cybersecurity industry. We have a clear roadmap to lead in innovation, and an opportunity to shape the marketplace as never before.

The headlines we drive today span many dimensions. We represent a new brand promise, we offer a new pledge to our stakeholders and to one another, and we have a new view into growth. It’s our time to show the world not only who today’s McAfee is, but who tomorrow’s McAfee becomes.

At the same time, many things remain the same—starting with our strategy and our unwavering commitment to company objectives. The standup of our new company continues in the coming months. Thank you for your support to this point, but there’s more to do. Our independence is foundational to our continued strategic transformation. We’ll also keep our focus on the fundamentals of driving profitable growth—you’ll recall we created an independent company with growth as a central tenet. Finally, a culture of success and high-performing teams are essential enablers of everything we’ll accomplish in the future.

This constancy of purpose is essential because our challenges are stubbornly durable. Cybersecurity becomes increasingly complex every year, and with every wave of new attacks on innovation. I believe what we do as the new McAfee matters more than ever, not only to our individual success and career satisfaction, but to the wider world, and the hundreds of millions whose digital lives we protect.

That’s why we’re taking the lead and promoting important cultural changes in cybersecurity. In essence we’re dramatically re-shaping the ways our solutions are procured, implemented, and managed. We’re also the force behind a new conversation in cybersecurity, one that sensibly acknowledges the need for true collaboration and genuinely celebrates the power of working together.

You now represent the newest brand in cybersecurity. You can be very proud of everything you’ve done to bring this company to this milestone—we stand quite literally at the threshold of our future. Yet even as defining as our future will be, I do feel it’s important that we proudly take with us from today all the good that we created in the past.

As McAfee we’re going even further, faster. Independence is the best way for us to build more of what the industry needs now. Our timing couldn’t be better because we’re now wholly focused on our customers’ cybersecurity outcomes. There’s nothing to divide our attention. As an independent company we have the freedom, the power, and the responsibility to innovate as never before. Our new financial foundation and growth plan, made possible by McAfee’s new stakeholders, equips us to invest in ourselves and makes us a sustainable partner for the consumers, corporations, and organizations we’re pledged to protect.

Today is an exciting milestone, but it will come and go in a flash. Today’s equally exciting story is what comes next. We’re in this for the long haul and we intend to do real battle—not only with our adversaries, but with our competitors. Job one is to become the most respected, most trusted brand in global cybersecurity.

It’s a goal I’m proud to rally behind. And I’m proud to share the future with you.


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