Day Two and Beyond

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This blog was written by Brian Dye.

It’s not often we get a chance to work on something truly amazing. To be a part of something new.

But this week marks one such occasion.

It’s a re-invention of one of the industry’s best known names. For someone like me who’s been around a few years, this is a great opportunity to help shape a company from the outset and try new ideas. I know that this is the kind of chance that comes only once or twice in a career.

Added to that is the fact that our industry – cybersecurity – is growing and moving faster than any other segment of IT. And McAfee is right in the center of what’s happening.

I don’t need to re-quote figures on the problems with cyber-attacks and security threats on the Web. It’s something we are all aware of. All you have to do is read a news site or pick up a newspaper. Security is probably the biggest challenge of the Digital Age.

Last year we introduced 18 new products. Organically. We developed four integrated security systems. We moved forward, fast, on our industry partnerships, which are now over 125. And we surprised the industry by open-sourcing DXL.

We are working in a special organization — one of the largest pure-play cyber security companies in the world — with a fantastic team of over 2,000 engineers, at a time when what we do is needed by the world more than ever. So it’s time to pause (just for a minute!) and reflect.

Chris envisions McAfee as the most respected, most trusted brand in cybersecurity. When we become the company we know we can be, we’ll be our customers’ #1 partner.

The future is open. What’s your opinion? I’d like to hear from you.




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