Security Business…The Power of Three (by Alex Thurber)

I am pleased to announce that Intel’s acquisition of McAfee is complete. This is exciting news for McAfee, for Intel, and for you, our partners. Together, we will change the security landscape, and approach security issues and threats in innovative ways to provide our mutual customers and their digital assets with ever greater levels of protection.

I want to confirm that it is business as usual for us and our relationship with you. We will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of Intel with the same McAfee management team. Your channel managers, and the rest of the McAfee team that supports you in the field, will remain unchanged.

We are very excited about the opportunities that this acquisition represents. We will continue developing and selling our current security products, solutions, and services under our own brand and will retain our current channel strategy and programs. The channel remains a top priority for both Intel and McAfee, and we will invest our time and resources toward helping you grow your organization by improving our programs and fostering further engagement and enablement.

We’re looking forward to working with Intel to make an even bigger difference in everyone’s lives by expanding the scope of cybersecurity to adapt to a changing world. Thank you for your partnership and ongoing support of McAfee. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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