Reflecting on Partner Summit & FOCUS 2015

We’ve had a little more than a week to digest all that happened at Intel Security’s annual Partner Summit and Focus events. We shared a lot of information on Intel Security’s evolving strategy and our renewed focus on endpoint security and the cloud.

If there was an underlying theme to Partner Summit and Focus, it was change. As our general manager, Chris Young said during his Focus keynote, “The world is changing and we’re going to change right along with it.” We realize that our new strategy of protection effectiveness, completeness of detection, correction speed, and personal efficiency will cause some short-term pain as we transition from our legacy approaches. But I – and the rest of the Intel Security team – believe the change is necessary.

The staggering reality is that in 2005 McAfee Labs reported approximately one threat per hour. Today, McAfee Labs report 345 threats per minute. Ten years from now, we’re projected to see a half a million threats per minute. Keeping that in mind, we’ve established the Threat Defense Lifecycle: a truly integrated security system to provide better protection, faster detection, and automated correction.

Intel Security’s goal is clear- We will be our customers’ #1 security partner. We must be considered by our customers’ as an extension of their security team. Instead of concentrating on point products that make up our portfolio, we’re honed on the business outcomes that our customers need.

As a part of our new strategy and delivering the business outcomes our customers need, last week we announced two very exciting new products. They are truly second to none in the market.

Endpoint Security 10.X is a redesign of Intel Security’s endpoint security suite that delivers more intelligent threat defense at the endpoint. We’ve re-architected the suite to deliver a collaborative framework where we’re integrating some of the traditional functions that have operated as part of the endpoint security suite. This ultimately allows us to provide ahead-of-the-curve threat defense posture on the endpoint, better detection, and actionable threat forensics.

Active Response, a whole new product, takes Intel Security into one of the fastest and newest growing opportunities: the endpoint threat detection and response market. Active Response detects the undetectable by identifying attacks, gaining attack chain visibility, and terminating the attacks. It takes advantage of the richness of 10.x, TIE, and supports DXL out of the gate. Active Response sees what’s happening in real time, as well as what’s lying in wait. It’s a true game changer for the quality of detection and automation in the time to correction.

As the network becomes more opaque with increased encryption over time, there are two critical protection points: where the actual data processing is happening, and how data moves to where the compute is happening – endpoints and cloud. Intel Security is investing in the protection of these critical processing points. For detection and correction, we’re improving our existing analytics and remediation capabilities with central detection and response. We already have a strong base with SIEM, ESM, ATD, and TIE. In combination with EPO, we’re growing even stronger as it becomes not only a policy management console, but a platform to drive automated workflow across the portfolio.

The new products combined with a shift in strategy may feel overwhelming at first, but we want to work with you to help you gain understanding and expertise. If you need help, your Intel Security channel account manager, my team and various other resources are available to you.

To that end, I encourage all Intel Security partners to:

  1. Engage: Fully understand and embrace the new strategy, and build plans around it.
  2. Focus: Apply effort in sales, marketing, and implementation of Intel Security’s new products and solutions that give us industry-differentiators.
  3. Collaborate: Let’s work together to deliver customer outcomes. Let’s be a single face to our customer base.
  4. Execute: Let’s not wait until next year, let’s start engaging customers immediately and sell the new product

You’ve heard our commitment to be our customers’ #1 security partner. To achieve that status, we have to start every deal, together. As we move into 2016, watch for our Partner Program to align with the direction set by this strategy. I’m confident that we’ll all succeed by collaborating and executing on these products, our strategy and the delivery of superior security to our customers.

Let’s do this!


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