New McAfee Server Security Suites: Allows Channel Partners to Secure Software-Defined Data Centers & Accelerate Customer Adoption of Hybrid Cloud

More and more companies are seeking the benefits of a hybrid cloud model. The ability to extend a private cloud to leverage the vast resources and services of the public cloud is rapidly becoming the Holy Grail of cloud computing. A key challenge has been securing the software-defined data center. Today, we announced several advancements to our Server Security Suites portfolio, allowing our channel partners to be the software-defined data center security advisor needed to accelerate the adoption of the hybrid cloud.

Our new Server Security Suites provide performance optimization and additional management efficiency to enhance security posture for servers deployed in physical, virtualized, and cloud environments, allowing you to strengthen our mutual customers’ ability to discover workloads, achieve greater visibility, apply comprehensive protection with granular policy management, and expand server instances securely into the public cloud.

All of this translates into more differentiation for McAfee, and of course, greater profitability and relevance for you. Visit the McAfee Partner Portal for additional details and key enhancements.

We’ll be talking about these enhancements at VMworld, August 24-28, and leading up to the McAfee Partner Summit, which will be held October 26-27.

This is a big opportunity for McAfee and our partners, and it demonstrates our commitment to “Think Big.” Visit the McAfee Partner Portal for more information.

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