A Marketer’s Journey Towards Aligning to Sales

The convergence of customer experience, content marketing, and solution selling is magical. It’s also the secret weapon for marketing teams making an impact.

The good news is that a digital/content marketing focus lends itself to better alignment with sales. When done well, it provides a much more effective way to support sales professionals in your organization.

Linda Ford from our Partner Marketing Community and I talked about maximizing these new synergies in this short video interview. Read on for a few best practices Linda and the Intel Security Channel Marketing team have learned as we’ve worked to better align with our sales teams this year:


  • Use Common Language and Repeatable Messaging – Our marketing campaigns now match our sales plays, and our sales plays match our training and certification categories. And each of them all align to the Customer Buying Journey. Common-language breeds common purpose, and common purpose results in a unified message for the organization. A constructive, repeatable narrative that permeates both your marketing and sales message arms your most important ambassadors with your most compelling positioning.
  • Leverage Multi-use Content – For marketers, the soundbites in an infographic grab attention with bold statements. For sales professionals, infographics can be used as a snazzy leave-behind or follow-up to re-emphasize your value proposition. As the sales cycle advances, research-driven white papers drive home how your solution solves specific customer problems. Delivered as a one-two-punch, you’re more likely to have buyers develop a favorable business case and decision framework.
  • Expand Communications Reach – Email is not going away anytime soon, but one way to expand the reach of your communications is to take the key points in a marketing email and create soundbite versions for your sales teams to post on their individual LinkedIn profiles.

As a marketer, few things are as satisfying as when you earn the trust of front-line sales and sales leadership colleagues and they buy into an integrated marketing vision. Good sales people quickly get behind marketing that sways decisions.


This blog post was written by Regan Ogner.