Intel Security Innovation Alliance 2016 DEVCON Awards

Innovation and enthusiasm fuel the Intel Security Innovation Alliance program, and we are excited to see that our partners are actively pursuing opportunities to integrate their products with our technologies to extend our open, connected ecosystem. Every year at the Intel Security Innovation Alliance Developers Conference (SIA DEVCON)—which takes place in conjunction with the Intel Security FOCUS Conference—we take the opportunity to recognize several of our partners who have made outstanding contributions. We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2016 Intel Security Innovation Alliance DEVCON Awards in the following three categories: Rookie of the Year, Most Innovative Partner of the Year, and Most Valuable Partner of the Year.


Rookie of the Year 2016: Aruba, an HPE Company, and Interset

Rookie of the Year 2016 criteria include business impact, solution innovation, and program membership under 18 months. This year—due to the number of partners who have both provided strategic innovative solutions and have demonstrated extra effort in developing a strong partnership with us—we have awarded two winners.

Interset uses behavioral analytics, machine learning, and Big Data to protect enterprise environments. Taking advantage of McAfee Enterprise Security Manager’s rich collection of events, Interset’s bidirectional integration pushes risk information into the McAfee Enterprise Security console, enabling security practitioners to create correlation rules, add risky users or entities to watchlists, and generate alarms.

Interset has also started working on their McAfee Data Exchange Layer/McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO) integration. Interset is eager to work with us and has clearly demonstrated that it is not the size of the company but the energy and commitment to developing a strong partnership that paves the way to mutual success.

In a very short eight-month period, HP Aruba moved quickly to complete the ClearPass integration with McAfee ePO and McAfee Enterprise Security Manager, as well as embrace McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange and McAfee Data Layer Exchange technologies. These integrations help Intel Security meet customer requirements with respect to managing roaming access and BYOD devices. As a Network Access Control solution partner, Aruba solutions maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of McAfee Enterprise Security Manager and McAfee ePO. In addition, Aruba invested in go-to-market initiatives by sponsoring the FOCUS 16 Conference, providing us with demo equipment, setting up a dedicated environment to showcase our integration in the Aruba training facilities for sales engineers, and launching a marketing campaign with their channel. This is truly what partnership is all about!


Most Innovative Partner of the Year: Check Point
Criteria for Most Innovative Partner of the Year are based on the design and use of the McAfee ePO software development kit (SDK), McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange, McAfee Data Exchange Layer, and other key Intel Security technologies.

Check Point Software Technologies

The integration between the Check Point network and Intel Security endpoint management systems ties network protection and endpoint protection together. The partnership of two market leaders and the impact it has is unique to the industry. By integrating with the McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange and McAfee Data Exchange Layer threat intelligence fabric, Check Point products subscribe and publish threat intelligence data to the McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange server in real time. This integration enables our products and partner products to take action automatically. Our customers gain end-to-end visibility of the threat landscape—in the cloud, in the enterprise network, and on endpoint devices. Endpoints see what the network sees and vice versa. Best of all, the real-time intelligence sharing can trigger automated remediation both in the Check Point network and in our endpoint platform, including McAfee ePO, McAfee Active Response, McAfee Web Gateway, and more. This means customers have the ability to react and remediate without manual intervention, vastly improving counter-attack response time, saving precious resources, and lowering costs.

Most Valuable Partner of the Year: Rapid7
Most Valuable Partner of the Year criteria cover the breadth and depth of the partner’s multiple integrations and close business engagement with Intel Security.


A partner since last October, Rapid7 has integrated its Nexpose vulnerability scanning products with McAfee ePO and McAfee Data Exchange Layer, providing additional visibility, so that administrators can assign risk scores to assets on the network and prioritize remediation. Mutual customers will now have always-on vulnerability management, visibility into their endpoints and the entire IT environment, and the ability to prioritize remediation in order to maximize impact. The integrations will help organizations break down communication barriers between IT and security teams, so they can collaborate more closely to reduce the risk of a breach. Rapid7 is also undertaking additional integrations with key Intel Security technologies to further invest in our strategic partnership.



DEVCON Award Finalists

  • Avecto (Most Valuable Partner of the Year 2016 Finalist and Most Innovative Partner of the Year 2016 Finalist): Defendpoint, a multilayered prevention engine to stop cyberattacks at the endpoint, integrates with McAfee ePO.
  • Attivo Networks (Most Innovative Partner of the Year 2016 Finalist): Leading deception-based threat detection technologies that support user networks, data centers, cloud, ICS-SCADA, and IoT environments integrate with McAfee Network Security Platform.
  • Rapid7 (MVP and Most Innovative Partner of the Year 2016 Finalist): Nexpose vulnerability scanning products integrate with McAfee Enterprise Security Manager.
  • TrapX (Most Innovative Partner of the Year 2016 Finalist): TrapX DeceptionGrid—which automates the deployment of malware traps across the network to lure in bad actors—integrates with McAfee Advanced Threat Defense, McAfee Active Response, McAfee Data Exchange Layer, and McAfee Enterprise Security Manager.
  • Vormetric (Most Valuable Partner of the Year 2016 Finalist): Data security solutions for large enterprise, government, and service provider data centers integrate with McAfee Database Activity Monitoring and with McAfee Enterprise Security Manager.

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