EMEA Channel Partner Summit: The highlights

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This blog was written by David Small.

As we look ahead to our annual FOCUS Security conference, a three day event that brings together leading cyber security experts from around the world to discuss their security initiatives, I want to reflect briefly on another great McAfee even that has just passed.

Earlier this month, we held our annual EMEA Channel Partner Summit – this year in Mallorca – which gives us the chance to regularly gather with our partners and discuss how we’re going to grow together over the next 12 months. It was, once again, a brilliant few days, with interesting and insightful speeches from top McAfee leaders, and an entertaining awards ceremony and dinner to top it all off.

There are many highlights from the event that spring to mind for me, the main one being that we had the opportunity to speak to our partner community and share knowledge about how we can address customer needs and develop our businesses together.

With “ascend” the theme of our partner summit this year, I particularly enjoyed our GM, Chris Young, talking about the digital world today and what that means for organisations worldwide. With the proliferation of malware, the Internet of Things, and the global talent shortage reshaping the business of cybersecurity, more than ever, today’s enterprises rely on the right combination of technologies and talent to secure their organisations, all within acceptable levels of risk.

Here are some of the highlights from our EMEA Channel Partner Summit guests:


Channel Summit 1 Channel-Summit2

We want to ascend together as we move forward, and events – such as our Channel Partner Summits – help us to do just that. So please do join us at FOCUS 2016 in November if you can, and would like the chance to meet us, and other leading security professionals from around the world. It’s set to be another fantastic event, and it’s in being held in Las Vegas – how can you say no to that? More information about FOCUS can be found here: mpower.mcafee.com/

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