Driving Disruptive Growth with Intel Security in 2014

Just over two weeks ago we announced the formation of Intel Security, combining the security of McAfee with Intel’s proven track-record of using performance and innovation to transform markets. This represents an exciting time for the company, but also an incredible opportunity for our partners. Intel is one of the top brands in the world and the ability to augment the security force of Intel will bring bigger and better opportunities for our partners in 2014.

As discussed at last year’s Partner Summit, when we are ‘Better Connected’ we can drive disruptive growth: our top 25 revenue generating partners are growing at 25% year over year. Leveraging the Intel brand will further strengthen your value proposition and provide a significant competitive advantage. Our ‘Security Connected’ platform already puts our partners ahead in today’s digital world where threats are more advanced and pervasive than ever before. And now when selling security technology that has McAfee’s proven expertise at the core, combined with the strength of the Intel brand, you will be able to open new doors and unearth new opportunities.

The formation of Intel Security serves as the next step in reinventing security, positioning it as an essential part of the computing stack rather than a ‘nice-to-have,’ second thought or hasty bolt-on. And to provide both businesses and consumers with the protection they need to combat today’s cybercriminals in real-time, security requires a combination of both hardware and software, integrated and embedded on all computing platforms – from smartphones and tablets to PCs and servers and beyond – right from the get go.

To further build on this vision, we will continue to focus on delivering world-class digital security and customer service to our partners as we bring the Intel and McAfee security teams together into one unit. There will be no immediate change to any McAfee products, solutions, services or prices. The account team you have now will remain the same and there will be no changes to the McAfee Security Alliance Program or partner profitability benefits, enablement and operations. Our aim is to ensure that Intel and McAfee teams seamlessly integrate into one unit, with little or no impact to you and your day-to-day business.

You’ll still see our McAfee shield logo on your products, but the McAfee brand name will slowly be phased out as new products are developed by the wider Intel Security team. The Intel name and heritage will strengthen our offering and partnership with you. Our goal is the same – ensuring your business remains profitable, competitive and ready for the security challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. We’re looking forward to bringing in the New Year and going through this exciting new development with you all.

For further information, partners should visit the Partner Portal to read our latest FAQ or visit www.intelsecuritygroup.com.

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