Certify Early & Double Down on CE Credits

This blog post was written by Allison Clarke.

Thank you to all that have participated in our Continuing Education Program.   Year to date, we have seen an 89% increase in the number of certifications completed using Continuing Education!   It’s great that so many of you have been proactive in your training!

I am happy to announce that if you haven’t had a chance to invest in training this year, you can complete your certification course credits in half the time with Double Continuing Education Credits on all products through the end of Q3. Now is the time to focus on advancing your knowledge and complete your certifications early! Start earning double CE credits here.

Also, we will be launching updates to the Partner Learning Center (PLC) creating a new look and feel on the site. Due to these updates there will be a scheduled outage from August 30 through September 1. All content will live on the PLC and your in-progress work will not be affected by the changes we are making.

Watch for our detailed step-by-step guide to the new PLC (August 11), our post launch updates and WebEx training. For more information please visit the Training & Events Page.

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