Warhammer Online Gold Sellers Can Lead To Malware

Ok I game. Get over it but this REALLY does relate to malware and malicious website research….. just stay with me.

Warhammer Online has what they call an “Endless Trial”. Meaning you can play the game for free, theoretically, forever (its not a full featured client but it is real nice). Anyway the first time I logged on I noticed a few naughty bits but didnt get screenshots so I thought I would rectify that egregious oversight on my part.

Below is a what a player is presented with post-logon, after their character is created. Take notice of the lower left hand side of the pane:

Zooming in a bit closer we see that it is an advertisement for someone selling gold:

We have not been playing the game long at all and we are already getting in-game advertisements… what most gamers fail to understand is the danger that may lay just behind the link. Lets have a look at the website in a browser…..

Things look like they are on the up-and-up but wait!! Look at the lower right hand side of the browser. See the red warning? This site is in reality rated RED by our SiteAdvisor technology – which means it has an established history of some very bad behavior.

One thing is clear – online gaming is hugely popular. It is here to stay and has a user base that spends money on their avatars whether it be gold, epic items or powerleveling services. This makes it an excellent target for scammers and cybercriminals of all types. Make sure if you are an MMORPG addict (like me) you take proper precautions, stay updated and stick to sites that have good reputations.

Now back to p0wning n00bs……

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