Focus Customer And Partner Events Rocked In EMEA

Part of my hectic schedule across the last 2 months has been supporting and attending the McAfee Focus Conferences. The season started with a very successful Focus in Germany  followed by the McAfee Corporate Flagship event in Las VegasFOCUS London  and FOCUS Paris followed the week after Las Vegas with FOCUS Madrid ending the 2011 season. I had the honor and pleasure of opening the  season with FOCUS Germany in Schloss Bensberg and closing it in Madrid.

Across our European legs we hosted over 1000 delegates. In fact, we had to ensure there was enough space for the oversubscription that occurred! The level of attendance definitely showed us that security is high on the organizations priority list. Our European Executive Briefing Center which we launched earlier this summer is booked to capacity. Every week we welcome customers and partners who we guide through a comprehensive tour and overview of the Threat Center. It has been fantastic to see how impressed they are and I must admit that at every demo, I am also impressed.  It’s a very powerful experience. One of them said to me “I feel like Tom Cruise in Minority Report”.

What really strikes me is how quick things moved during the last couple of months. Intel and McAfee are reinventing security by bringing together for the first time Hardware and Software with DeepSAFE, Deep Defender and Deep Command. I am really excited and I am not the only one. I am getting fantastic feedback from our ecosystem: customers, partners, journalists and analysts. Intel and McAfee are drawing a lot of interest. My last customer interactions were fantastic. And if I listen to the feedback, I know that we are doing the right thing.

It’s really energizing to listen to our customer’s projects, their hopes, challenges, and pain points, and being able to provide some tangible solutions here and now. The customers I am talking to are very knowledgeable. They are well aware of what is going on but we need to help them to be more proactive rather than reactive. Data protection is very critical at the moment and high on the agenda at the EU Level. It’s a place, where we as McAfee and Intel are bringing new solutions to the market.  We are changing the security model from fear to empowerment and enablement. It also relates to our philosophy of moving from the traditional blacklisting to a whitelisting approach. I was recently talking to a large financial institution and a big part of our discussion was around their business constraints and how we could allow them to continue to compete the right way, the compliant way.

Amongst the things which impressed me lately was the launch of the Intel Ultrabook. This is part of the new generation of ultra-stylish thin and secured devices. Honestly I am an Apple fan. But with the Ultrabook, I can see great progress, real innovation, bringing the Mac benefits mainstream.

In a multi-device nomad world, we aim relentlessly to secure every device, at every location, every second of the day. We are talking about the future of computing, mobility, security projecting very clear take-aways for 2016. We also know that the unknown will certainly happen and this is why we are always alert and as our strapline states “Safe Never Sleeps”.


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