Don’t Get Stung by Bad Buzz: Protect Your Personal Brand

This blog post was written by Penny Baldwin.

We hear a lot about the branding of companies, both large and small, but what about your personal brand? Who you are, and what you want to be known for?  You might spend many valuable hours tweeting and blogging, carefully creating an online persona you can be proud of. But, according to a new McAfee study, ‘Love, Relationships, and Technology’, your personal brand might not be defined by well-thought-out, curated content; it may be defined by the private details of your life, shown to only a few you consider close.

We love to share—but it can be risky. Sharing personal, private information with our significant others seems in the moment to be harmless, but too much information can sting. According to the study, 50% of people globally have used their device to share or receive intimate text messages, emails, or photos. Of those who received intimate content, 50% have saved, stored or archived intimate text messages.

While you have the ability to freely express yourself through technology, think twice before sending out content you wouldn’t want to be picked up by a quick Google search—a single slip in vigilance and your personal brand and career could feel the long-lasting sting.

Don’t get stung by bad buzz. Lock. Delete. Use discretion.

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