How to Stay Safe on Twitter

I’ve only just started using Twitter in the last year and I must confess I didn’t get it at first, but now I do, and I find it valuable  for sharing information and keeping up with what’s going on.  However like any social networking site you need to be “Twitter Safe”, so here are a Cybermum’s tips for staying safe on Twitter.

Tip 1 – Think before you tweet – actually this is the case with all cyber communications, you should always think long and hard about what you are communicating before sending. Once you hit enter, it’s out there for all to see – FOREVER! And can be re-tweeted to even more people and so on and on and on.  So take a moment before you hit enter – is it really something you want to share with the whole world?

Tip 2 – Don’t give too much away – be aware of the type of information you are providing. Are you displaying your name, where you work, what your birthday is, where you live? Anyone could see your tweets and it’s so easy for cyber criminals or predators to build a profile of you over time from what you think is harmless information.

Tip 3 – Think before you click – yep there it is again – think!! Be careful when clicking on shortened URLs. If it has been tweeted by someone you don’t really know or trust it might be wise not to click on links. Also be wary of strange tweets from friends that don’t make sense – their account may have been compromised and links may lead to trouble. Remember, if in doubt – don’t click!

Tip 4 –
Don’t be too trusting – While Twitter can be a great networking medium, do you really know if the people you are networking with are who they say they are.  You only have to listen to the news to know that this is not always the case! You should also never agree to meet up someone that you have met online.

Really it’s all about common sense, so be aware and enjoy your time in the Twittersphere.

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