How Much Are Your Assets Worth?

Now, if your tax returns are up to date and you have a healthy relationship with a financial planner, I have no doubt you could answer this question in an instant.

But what about your other assets? And I am not referring to your children because clearly they are priceless – most of the time!!

I am talking about your digital assets – your music, your pictures, your online contacts and even your documents and files. How much are these things worth to you? What would they cost to replace?

Well, McAfee has recently released results of a survey which shows that the average Aussie values their digital assets at over $33,000!! That’s the price of an average home loan deposit.

The research shows that despite 47% of Aussies acknowledging that many of their digital assets are impossible to replace, many of us are still leaving our devices unprotected increasing the chance of something unfortunate occurring.

And while 65% of us are securing our laptops only 22% of us are worrying about our smartphones which is alarming considering the huge amount of information we all store on our phones. I lost 2 phones last year and think I also lost a year off my life. Not only did I lose loads of pictures of my boys but I will never be able to recover many of my contacts.

Not surprisingly, the value we attribute to our digital assets seems to be determined by our age. 18-24 year olds believe the personal memories on their devices are worth almost $73,000 whilst 55-65 years olds value their digital assets at just over $2,000. Clearly Gen Y’ers have no appreciation for vinyl!

So what can we do to keep our precious memories safe?

Without a doubt, the best way to protect your prized digital memories is to invest in some top-shelf internet protection. McAfee has recently launched LiveSafe – a top of the line Rolls Royce security pack that offers unlimited device security for PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets against the latest viruses, malware, and spam along with a host of other extras including:

  • The ability to track and lock your devices if they are lost
  • An intuitive cloud-based ‘safety deposit box’
  • McAfee’s password management tool SafeKey

And if you need any further motivation, just think how disappointing it would be to lose  those embarrassing pictures of your children for the public display at their 18th birthday party. So, act now so you can embarrass later!

‘Till next time

Alex x


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