Cybersafety help just a double-click away

I’ve always been a big advocate of kids of all ages (even the big kids out there like me!) having access to the “Wide Wild Web”. I love to watch how my Cyber kids interact, search, play, download, communicate, learn and socialise in this digital age – and let’s face it they’re naturals. 

Our jobs as parents of these tech-savvy little creatures is to ensure they can do all of that in a safe environment just as we would in any scenario; be it after school activities, playgrounds, skate parks or even friends’ houses.  But frankly with such busy family lives, how can we make sure we’re providing the right framework for this particular environment?

Well firstly, I hope you’ve been able to use some of my Cybermum tips and that these are working for your family.  But here’s another little “peace of mind” tool that you might have missed!

In December last year Minister Stephen Conroy launched a new initiative, the Cybersafety Help Button targeted at school age kids, tweens and young adults.  It’s a big red button that you can download FREE to your computer and have it just sitting on your desktop or on the task bar.   So if your cyber child is faced with a situation that disturbs them, such as cyberbullying, unwanted texts or interactions, or even just a situation they are unsure of how to handle – advice is a “double click” away.


By clicking on the big red button, they’re taken to a site which asks them to choose from 4 prompts: 

  1. If you are in danger call ‘000” or tell an adult you trust
  2. Talk
  3. Report
  4. Learn

I really like the visibility that this provides for our kids – that while they’re exploring and learning they have an instant help button available because let’s face it, we can’t be watching their every keystroke! It’s great to know they have help at just a double click away.

I’d love to hear your thoughts or experiences if you’ve already downloaded it for your home.

Stay safe,



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