20 Habits of Cyber Safe Parents

Making a personal commitment to guide your kids through the dangers of the digital world puts you ahead of the curve as a parent. Is it difficult? Yes. Is it defeating at times? Oh yeah. Can you do it? Most certainly!

Cyber Safe Parents . . .

  1. Install filtering software on the family computer, and mobile devices.
  2. Are consistently bold in teaching their child Internet Safety education.
  3. Communicate openly—and frequently—with their kids about Internet dangers.
  4. Make the needed time to keep up with their kids online.
  5. Love their kids but don’t assume they are perfect online.
  6. Establish and enforce ground rules for online activity in the family.
  7. Consistently monitor online activity and follow through with consequences if ground rules are broken.
  8. May feel overwhelmed with technology but refuse to let it parent their kids.
  9. Set time limits for their kids online time.

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10. Know the social networks their children frequent online.

11. Teach their children how to create strong passwords and also know the passwords to their child’s social networks, online games, email(s), and mobile devices.

12. Are committed to improving their technology skills and staying alert to the changing dangers online.

13. Regularly check their child’s phone for vault apps and other non-approved family apps.

14. Regularly verify passwords and privacy settings.

15. Teach their child how to identify malware, virus, bad links, and spammers.

16. Guard their children’s personal information online and teach them to post safely.

17. Teach their kids how to handle conflict online and how to report online abuses.

18. Regularly check their child’s social feeds for signs of cyber bullying, inappropriate conversations, and questionable friends.

19. Guard their family time from digital domination.

20. Look for teachable moments in real-life situations, news reports, and cultural trends to talk about the long-term effects of poor choices online and the power of positive choices.

Did we leave anything out? Please leave a comment and add to this list!

Toni Birdsong is a Family Safety Evangelist to McAfee. You can find her on Twitter @SafeEyes. (Disclosures).

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