What folly of a report – don’t be dense on density measures

What a folly of a report illuminating nothing but questions for AV performance for VMware virtualized environments with three top antivirus companies? Normally a head-to-head comparison would include like-for-like products.  However, not this report. The McAfee MOVE AV for VDI, which would optimize the AV for the workflows, was not even included. Highlighting the ability to obtain higher virtual machine density through their Security Virtual Appliance, it should be no surprise that the sponsored vendor achieved higher density measures supporting increased virtual desktops.  Is this really a comparison?

VM density is important but so is ensuring scalability and ease of management. Having the option to simplify security in virtualized environments that leverages a MOVE virtual appliance but is not necessarily ‘virtual machine aware’ allows for security support of not only VMware but also Citrix and Microsoft virtualized environments. One of the potential problems with all of the moving parts of virtualization is the potential to introduce failure.  The agent-less approach to AV scanning still requires the filter driver of VMware vShield in the individual VMs to be ‘virtual machine aware’ but what happens when vShield has problems, as any newly introduced software might encounter (http://mcaf.ee/a409b) as recently reported by searchservervirtualization.com?

Find out for yourself using your workload and user situations and your environment to find out the best VM density. McAfee MOVE AV for VDI has been available since October 2010. Although there is no downloadable trial available, any McAfee Sales Representative can coordinate a proof of concept to have this tested in your environment. More information can also be found at www.mcafee.com/virtualization. Another hint, ask about security management, scalability and resource requirements of the virtual appliances before making a decision solely on achieved VM density.

-Kim Singletary

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