What Do You Know About International Data Protection Laws?

Did you know that prior to 2010, Taiwan’s data privacy legislation only applied to public sector entities? On April 27, 2010, the Taiwanese legislature passed the Personal Data Protection Act, which now applies to all individuals, legal entities and enterprises that collect personal data (Source).

The wide variety of privacy laws and data protection regulations makes it difficult for companies to know what they can and must do to protect themselves, their employees, their networks, confidential information, and customers.  For example, a company’s ability to process, store, transfer, and monitor their employees’ use of confidential information may vary greatly depending upon where the data comes from and where it will be sent.  What makes it even more challenging is that different countries apply different standards for the collection, processing, and transfer of personal data.

It is essential for companies operating internationally to understand relevant data protection laws for each jurisdiction in which they operate.  McAfee understands your pain and has put together a resource page that examines the laws of a number of countries around the globe.  In many instances, a country may not have enacted general privacy legislation.  In other cases, there may be numerous laws and regulations governing the collection and processing of personal information.

Visit our Data Protection Laws homepage, which providesan overview of the State Laws on Interception of Communications and their requirements.  Arm yourself with international Data Protection laws before you consider expanding your business internationally!

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