View From the Summit: The Future Looks Bright for Partners

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The months leading up to our MPOWER Cybersecurity Summit & Americas Partner Summit are the perfect time to roll up our sleeves and take a hard look at where we’ve been and, more important, where we’re headed. If my conversations with the McAfee partner community taught me one thing this year, it’s that the future of our channel is bright.

After spending a full day immersed in the annual Partner Summit, I remain unwaveringly confident that wringing complexity out of our partner programs and reducing friction in our channel relationships are more important than ever. In a world full of threats and uncertainty, it’s vital that we give partners the resources they need to be more effective trusted security advisors and, subsequently, achieve greater profitability.

How will we do that?

For starters, by simplifying the way you work with us. Our multifaceted deal registration programs will be consolidated, our service-level agreements (SLAs) revised, and many more improvements are in the works.

Together, we must employ our skills and knowledge to address customers’ security challenges. We must apply strategy, give our customers actionable guidance, and innovate to overcome existing and emerging threats.

And we must do it in an efficient, organized, and scalable way to ensure both the effectiveness and profitability of the endeavor.

If you attended the Partner Summit, you heard me talk about the event’s 2017 trifold theme: innovation, collaboration, momentum. These aren’t just buzzwords; they’re pillars of our mutual mission. It’s vital for us — McAfee and our partners — to leverage innovation through collaboration to build momentum. We’re taking a page from the “Three E’s of Management” playbook:

  • Enablement: Getting partners involved in sales and technical training that builds the foundation for success
  • Engagement: Going after net-new and greenfield opportunities that drive us toward our mutual goals
  • Economics: Filling the deal pipeline and leveraging incentives that help partners increase profitability

In practice, our commitment to partner success will include things such as full-day business planning sessions with honest and transparent discussion of our mutual goals and go-to-market strategies in pursuit of a three-year plan. Executive sponsors from both sides will revisit goals and track progress in regular quarterly business reviews, finding ways to help partners bolster and upgrade their portfolio of McAfee products.

And when things aren’t going according to plan, we’ll remain flexible.

We know partners have a lot on their plates. As you raise your game to defend customers, we’re doubling down on our commitment to making the McAfee partner program better and simpler for you. We’re working diligently, based on partner feedback, to reduce the complexity of ordering product, acquiring training and support, accessing marketing and reference materials, and communicating with our various tactical and intelligence teams.

We want to make leading with McAfee as easy as using a smartphone app. And as we make things simpler, our mutual futures will get even brighter.

Together is power.

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