Upcoming Intel Security Analyst Webcast, Tech Talk on Endpoint

Rethinking Current Endpoint Security Strategies (Part 2)

Successful endpoint security strategies must address numerous requirements – from staff and policy to the right technology mix and integration. The first webcast in this series outlined the requirements. This webcast will dive deeper into new approaches and technologies to prevent, detect and respond to threats and how orchestration across these components is critical.

Join guest speaker Chris Sherman, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research, and Grant McDonald, Senior Product Manager from Intel Security, as they discuss both old-school approaches that still work along with new approaches to prevention, detection, and response. Register here for the September 14 analyst webcast featuring Forrester Research.

If you missed out on the first series: Rethinking Current Endpoint Security Strategies (Part 1), not to worry as we recorded it and you can watch on-demand now!

McAfee Endpoint Security 10 just got even better

Did you know McAfee Endpoint Security 10 (ENS 10) now offers advanced protection that allows endpoints to analyze and take action against ransomware, greyware and suspicious files before they access your system?

McAfee ENS 10 goes well beyond Antivirus. It’s our next generation endpoint security framework that helps you take control of the complete threat defense lifecycle with intelligent technologies that adapt to combat advanced threats. Watch on-demand now!

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