The Two Faces of Your Favorite Apps

Online applications have taken over a significant portion of our lives, for better or worse. We spend time in browsers and mobile apps, both for leisure and productivity on a daily basis. Think about the last time you watched a video on YouTube. Was it last week, yesterday, or 15 minutes ago? Cloud-based storage and collaboration apps like Dropbox have changed the way we store, share, and manage files. Many of these apps cross the business-personal barrier, making it a casual endeavor to check your Facebook status at work, or send messages via LinkedIn as a method of communication.

While the aforementioned app providers and many others take strides toward addressing security, few actually meet the needs of enterprises operating with a consistent flow of sensitive data on their network. Almost none restrict the functionality of their apps for the end-user, as this would be counter-productive as an app provider. For the IT manager however, it is a part of the job to evaluate application risk and implement acceptable usage policies.

Several features of our Web Protection solution address these very issues. From controlling sub-functionality of applications to encrypting data on-premises before it hits the cloud, we’ve implemented technology that meets the needs of businesses operating with frequent use of online applications.

We’ve created a demonstration video to show just a few examples of the application control features within McAfee Web Protection. Check it out here:

To learn more about McAfee Web Protection and the impact of online application use, also check out our study on Shadow IT, led by Frost & Sullivan.

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