Top Five Requirements for Tomorrow’s Email Security – Webinar featuring Forrester Research

When is the last time you evaluated your email security solution? In the past, spam was the most pressing concern – but now the requirements have changed. Email has evolved into a more vulnerable communication channel than anyone ever imagined. The era of simple spam protection is over – we’ve got that covered. Now, advanced malware and phishing attacks are using much stealthier tactics to enter your inbox, often evading traditional security solutions. Data exfiltration from innocent employees and even bad actors has business leaders scrambling to protect their intellectual property and reputation. It’s not a safe bet to take email for granted as a secure form of communication – in fact, it’s the most common targeted attack vector leading to malware and can be intercepted by a third party if unencrypted.

Almost every modern business uses email to communicate. Ensuring the security of this communication channel is essential to the longevity of any organization and the productivity of its workers. Recovering from a malware infection and subsequent data breach can be difficult – more and more businesses are legally required to disclose the loss of customer-related data, tarnishing their reputation in the process. Customer records sent unintentionally, or simply unencrypted, can be a violation of strict regulations such as HIPAA, PCI, and a host of others depending on industry or geographic location.

Join our webinar, featuring Rick Holland of Forrester Research on April 24th at 11:00AM PDT for an informative session that will help you craft an approach to email security that is best for your organization. Learn about the new requirements for email security– and stay ahead of malicious actors and regulations that could seriously damage your business.

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