The Mobile Ecosystem In The US

It’s no surprise that smartphones and tablets are changing the way people are interacting not only online, but also in every day life. New ways of shopping, reading books, watching TV, communicating with colleagues, family and friends, banking, and even managing one’s health are all made possible with these powerful mobile devices. Ubiquitous computing with 24/7 connectivity is here and all in the palm of your hand. This interesting infographic provides a snapshot of mobile usage in the U.S. According to venture capital firm, Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield and Byers, 60% of time spent on smartphones is considered to be an entirely new class of activity for mobile users and includes social networking, application usage, gaming and mapping. Who knew that interacting with an electronic device would be considered socializing, however, the average U.S. mobile device user spends about 2.7 hours per day doing just that. Some researchers claim that, by 2015, half of online sales will take place from a mobile device. Check it out and let us know where you stand. Are you a power user?

Infographic provided courtesy of LEVEL Studios.  For a larger view or to download: go to

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