The I’s Have It: McAfee IPS Appliance Has Intel Inside

It feels great to be part of Intel these days.  As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Intel, the teams at McAfee have been working closely with their Intel counterparts to find synergies to create added value for customers.  If you recall, on May 6 we announced that McAfee entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Stonesoft Corporation, a leading innovator in next-generation firewalls.  This was a confidence boost for both enterprise customers and McAfee as a whole because it showed Intel’s genuine commitment to growing its third pillar of computing – the security pillar.  Another feather in our cap is the latest release of the McAfee Network Security Platform NS-series, a new network intrusion prevention system (IPS) appliance series based on Intel technology.

The McAfee NS-series sets a new standard in high performance IPS with throughput of up to 40 Gbps, increased scalability and more capacity to run next-generation IPS services.  While this is exciting in and of itself, I find that I’m equally excited about the collaboration between the two companies in the development of an entirely new platform built on custom-designed, next generation Intel components.  Intel engineers worked side-by-side with McAfee engineers to develop a hardware platform that maximizes the efficiency and amplifies the performance of the new hardware design.  The result is a more compact appliance than our previous versions and some of the greatest port density in the industry, which provides more deployment flexibility.

Although the raw throughput of the new McAfee NS-series is impressive by any measure, another piece of this story is the full next-generation IPS services at those throughputs.  The IPS industry has been talking about next-generation IPS functionality for several years now, but when scalability tests are run, these services are almost always disabled – a practice that sacrifices security in order to boost throughput. The next-generation IPS services from McAfee are critical to handling today’s advanced and persistent threats.  In fact, to meet the growing needs of denser data centers, the new series not only supports 40 GigE connectivity on the network, but has processing power and memory to handle even the most advanced malware and stealthy threat analysis at those data center speeds.

Studies are uncovering that from a security vantage point, key decision-makers in the market for IPS solutions want more application visibility, situational awareness, contextual awareness and greater content control in and out of the network.  And, I’m proud to say, that’s all built into our latest NS-series – making McAfee a true next-generation IPS provider.

If you’d like more color around this new Intel-infused technology, check out the Channelnomics article which also provides some good insight from a channel perspective.

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