Texas Tech University HSC Unifies Security and Compliance with McAfee SIEM Solutions

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) is a leader in education and research. With seven schools across six campuses, research facilities, and health care clinics, the university’s IT security team has the lofty task of protecting electronic medical records and health information in compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Previously, TTUHSC lacked a centralized security management system, using multiple disparate solutions from different vendors that simply did not communicate with each other effectively. With this in mind, TTUHSC Information and Security Officer, Andrew Howard prioritized finding a better way to manage and secure the health data.

TTUHSC turned to McAfee for a SIEM solution to solve their security and compliance challenges, implementing several McAfee solutions to maximize visibility and control. The University decided to take a tiered approach to transforming their security system, starting with testing products based on user impact. If the solution had a low impact on users, such as McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection, it would rollout on a large campus, whereas a high impact solution would start on a small regional campus with fewer endpoints.

The SIEM product, McAfee Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) enabled TTUHSC to complete audit trails and utilize intelligent log management for compliance purposes through intuitive pre-built dashboards. For TTUHSC, having a single management platform was an essential factor in choosing McAfee as their new SIEM solution.

“Data is easier to consume and we can see full spectrum across the infrastructure,” said Andrew.

With the university responsible for monitoring all traffic including student, faculty and administrative accounts, McAfee Web Gateway helped to block network based threats and policy violations. Now they are able to catch malicious code before it reaches one of the 10,000 campus endpoints, which was impossible with the previous solutions. In the span of eight months, McAfee was able to block thousands of malicious entities and websites from entering TTUHSC’s network.

The implementation of McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO) also allowed TTUHSC to monitor system vulnerabilities and student network use simultaneously. By utilizing McAfee ESM’s capabilities integrated with the other products within McAfee’s Security Connected framework, TTUHSC was able to identify security risks and retrieve data quickly and in real-time, creating the centralized solution the university was looking for.

To learn more about how McAfee helped Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center create a centralized security management system, read the case study here.

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