Growing Cybersecurity Efficiencies through the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance

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Starting in the New Year, McAfee has outlined a new, unifying approach for the cybersecurity industry to mend fragmentation through updated integrated solutions, new cross-industry partnerships and product integrations within the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance.

The McAfee Security Innovation Alliance partners have been collaborating closely with us on technology integrations that provide our customers with increased visibility across their entire infrastructure, providing improved efficiency, reduced operational costs, and extended security protection.

McAfee continues the goal to improve cybersecurity efficiencies and maximize protection through our recent invitation to fifteen new vendors to join the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance: Absolute Software, Bay Dynamics, Cyphort, DFLabs, Digicert, Dropbox,, Fireglass, Kaspersky Lab, Opswat, Radware, SailPoint, SAS Institute, SS8 Networks and ThreatConnect.

McAfee Security Innovation Alliance, the industry’s premier technology partnering program continues to transform fragmentation with deeply integrated solutions that expand the scope of security for our customers on all endpoints—including mobile, BYOD, and IOT smart devices—networks, data centers, and hybrid cloud security.

Our collaboration with new market leading partner, SAS Institute, empowers customers to harness prescriptive and predictive analytics to better safeguard their invaluable data assets and infrastructures from ever-advancing cyber threats.   The builds upon a long-standing analytics modernization relationship between SAS and , combining SAS’ world-class advanced analytics platform with McAfee’s computational power to help businesses tap the full potential of their ever-growing data sources.   The integration between McAfee products and SAS will complement their unified array of security solutions with advanced analytics software to improve visibility and reduce cyber risk.

The McAfee Security Innovation Alliance’s mission is to accelerate the development of interoperable security products and simplify their integration within complex enterprise environments. As the largest pure play analytics vendor in the collective, SAS will assume a critical role in helping address industry’s growing need to respond more quickly to security events, optimize workflows, and achieve more with existing, and often limited, security resources.

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