Shutting Down Zero-Day Threats at Orange Lake Resorts

Larry Foran has spent more than 20 years in the security trenches – and today, as CISO of Orange Lake Resorts, his mandate is clear. “Our biggest risk as a company is loss of reputation, so I have it straight from the CEO: keep us out of the news,” he says.

Orange Lake Resorts is home to the Holiday Inn Club Vacations brand which operates 26 resort properties throughout the U.S. with plans to continue to expand their resort offerings and destinations in the near future. Besides fortifying the network against the type of security breaches that no company wants to be known for, Foran and his team face other familiar challenges – such as educating end users to prevent them introducing malware by opening applications and other risky behavior.

He notes, “I’m tired of having point products that don’t talk to each other. It creates a lot of extra work for my team when they have to go from one pane of glass to another, then another, and have to keep track of the flow of information between them.”

In the first three months of 2016 alone, DXL caught 18 zero-day viruses that we submitted right to McAfee for analysis and inclusion in GTI.”

– Larry Foran, CISO, Orange Lake Resorts

To address these and other ongoing security challenges, Foran and his team partnered with McAfee about four years ago. From an initial endpoint deployment controlled by McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO), the company’s integrated security environment has grown to include McAfee ATD, TIE, Open DXL, Enterprise Security Manager for SIEM, NSP, DLP, and the Data Center Security Suite.

“In the first three months of 2016 alone, DXL caught 18 zero-day viruses that we submitted right to McAfee for analysis and inclusion in GTI,” he says. “With ATD we’re actually seeing a degradation in the total number of attacks, and McAfee’s SIEM is giving us visibility into trends and showing us that we’re blocking more and more malicious activity. The vulnerabilities we’re exposed to is actually decreasing.”

Over the next two years, the strategic priority for Foran and his team is to investigate and pursue cloud security systems. “I want to make sure the ones and zeros critical to our company are covered into the future. That means embracing cloud technology, and we’re looking at cloud solutions for encryption at rest, policy, and infrastructure devices.”

He adds, “The challenge of keeping our network safe is what drives me every day, and I want to prove I can win for the company and myself. McAfee is the ideal partner.”

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