Security is Not a One-Person Job

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Pharmacy benefits management company Prime Therapeutics is responsible for the safety of personal health information for more than 27 million Blue Cross Blue Shield members nationwide. As employees and systems handle this sensitive data in daily interactions with Blue Cross Blue Shield, pharmacists, Medicare and Medicaid and employees, a reliable defense system is critical. With such a vital responsibility, it’s no surprise to find a security hero among their ranks in Jacob Walls, an information security engineer brought on in 2016 to bolster data loss prevention (DLP).

But Walls recognizes no one team or system can do the job alone. His experience implementing McAfee DLP Endpoint and McAfee Network has taught him much of the work happens outside of the tools and requires meeting with stakeholders to understand the various use cases. He says working to improve Prime Therapeutics’ DLP initiatives gives him the ability to engage with other departments outside of security, which is some of his favorite work. This also provides greater visibility into how the sensitive data moves, where it interacts with people and what potential risks can be addressed to protect that data.

An additional benefit has been increased awareness of security of sensitive data across the employee base. Walls’ team works with different departments collaboratively to design rule sets that address various use cases presented. After implementing the required policies, they continue meeting regularly to get feedback on its effectiveness and update for improvements, as needed. These ongoing interactions raises understanding all around for the need for protections and controls around data.

“Security is not a one-person job. It can’t be accomplished with one person, it can’t be accomplished with one company,” says Walls. “So we need partners, and we need friends in the industry to work together.” No statement could better summarize what building a culture of security looks like. Learn more about how Walls and Prime Therapeutics implemented DLP to protect highly sensitive data for millions of people.

Hear directly from Jacob Walls about his experience with McAfee and what a good day at Prime Therapeutics looks like in this video.

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