Security Experts of the Round Table Unite

When it comes to cybersecurity, there are a lot of questions, but only a few precious answers.

How can you handle ransomware the right way? How do you secure your endpoints? How high of a priority should it be to secure them?

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was one, central location where you could have all these questions answered and more? Thankfully, there are a few crowned security experts who occasionally unite for a Spiceworks Round Table to answer all of your burning questions.

In fact, the latest round table discussion featured our very own Dan Larson, Director of Technical Marketing at Intel Security. Dan sat down for an hour-long chat with Gib Sorebo, Chief Cyber Security Technologist at Leidos, to talk shop and provide you with the necessary information for fighting back against threats.

Some highlights from their discussion include:

  • The functionalities to look for in your endpoint security
  • Tips and tricks for combatting social engineering attacks and phishing schemes
  • Frequency and methodology for performing penetration testing

Want to arm yourself with more information? Take a look at the complete recording, below.

So remember – endpoint security while important, isn’t by any means the end-all be-all for security. When avenging today’s cyberthreats, you need a comprehensive and holistic security framework to stay protected.

We hope that now you feel more equipped than ever to go off and face today’s threat landscape.

Didn’t get all of your cybersecurity questions answered? Head over to the Intel Security Spiceworks community page to chat with our experts. And, keep up with the latest in security by following along with @IntelSec_Biz on Twitter.

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