Securing an American Asset

Here at McAfee, we’ve always made an effort to work side by side with legislators on Capitol Hill to support Congress’s efforts to safeguard the nation’s cyber networks from attack. Network security has always been a major priority of our company, and we are pleased to see that Congress is making it a priority as well.

Today Senators Lieberman, Collins and Carper officially introduced legislation called the “Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act of 2010.” The goal of this bill is to not only modernize the government’s ability to safeguard the nation’s cyber networks, but to also bring government and industry together to set national cybersecurity priorities and improve national cybersecurity defenses.

The Senators and their staff must be commended for reaching out to the IT industry while crafting this legislation. IT industry representatives were able to offer their expertise to help the Senators create a comprehensive bill that will help secure our Federal government and our nation’s critical infrastructures.

We look forward to continuing our work alongside legislators and our colleagues in the IT industry to continue to refine the bill. McAfee is proud to work with our industry colleagues to advocate in support of strong cybersecurity rules to help ensure that a networked nation is a secure nation.

One comment on “Securing an American Asset

  • This is the most ridiculas thing I have heard in a long time. The government has seized control from the banks auto manufactures and even going after our medical companies. Now they want to get a hand on the internet? What happened to private enterprise? They have been doing this in the name of saving jobs. We are living in a fear state at this point where we are accepting anything to stop us from losing our jobs. The fact is the housing market is in a slump because they over build housing areas to point where no one is buying. We are looking at 10 to 20 houses for 1 buyer! Duh stop building houses. Now in case of a terroist attack they want to be able to control the internet. Once they get that power they slip things in like charging for e-mail which is what they have been trying to do for years. Remember the old freedom of speech thing what happened there? no one knows because evryone is afraid to say anything for fear of being arrested for it. Stand up and say no america before we no longer have the right to say NO!!!!!!!


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