#SecChatUK: What you need to know about social engineering with Raj Samani and Brian Honan

In light of the nature of recent breaches and phishing attacks seen in the news, it’s increasingly clear that cybercriminals do not necessarily require substantial technical knowledge to achieve their objectives. The use of social engineering techniques has become a significant and wide- spread means of deploying malicious attacks on the Internet to obtain sensitive or classified information from competitors, rivals, and governments, among others.

During #SecChatUK on June 5th, we will cover everything you need to know about social engineering, and how best to protect you and your organisation from the techniques used by these cybercriminals. Through this discussion, with Intel Security’s own Raj Samani and cyber security expert Brian Honan, we hope to spark an insightful conversation around today’s threat of social engineering, and how individuals and organisations can take action against these threats.

We invite you to join us by using the #SecChatUK tag and Tweet your questions to both Raj and Brian throughout the chat.

Want to join in? Here’s what to do on June 5th at 12:15pm BST:

  • Sign into your Twitter account at www.twitter.com.
  • Search for the #SecChatUK hashtag to watch the real-time stream.
  • Be sure to follow @IntelSec_UK on Twitter, as we will tweet our questions to kick off the discussion.
  • Make sure you’re following both @Raj_Samani and @BrianHonan too!
  • Feel free to tweet your reactions, questions, and responses to chat topics by tagging all your tweets with the #SecChatUK hashtag.
  • If you have any questions prior to the chat, please tweet them to @IntelSec_UK.

Don’t forget add #SecChatUK to your diaries for 12:15pm BST on June 5th and RSVP here. We look forward to your attendance!

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