#SecChat Next Thursday 12/8: The Holiday Threat Landscape

In early November, McAfee released its “Twelve Scams of Christmas”, a rundown of the 12 most dangerous online scams this holiday season. The list included mobile malware, malicious apps, and phony Facebook promotions and contests, among other threats. With so many vulnerabilities surrounding us, all it takes is just one weak link in the chain for an attacker to gain a foothold into your network. Too often, this weakest link is an employee – while your enterprise may be full to the brim with the latest security technologies, all of that money can be wasted when a naïve user ushers in an attacker through the back door.

Next week during our December #SecChat, we want to hear what you and your organization are doing to address this challenge, especially during the holiday season, when heightened web traffic becomes an alluring draw for cybercriminals. We’ll be examining the importance of security awareness from an enterprise perspective, and how it supports the fundamental goals of an organization’s information security program.

How have you helped employees to understand their role in your organization’s security strategy? What are some common obstacles you have encountered when implementing a program for security awareness? What are some of the key goals and aspects of your awareness program, and have these changed over time – especially with regards to evolving trends in the consumerization of IT, and cloud computing?

Join us next Thursday, 12/8 at 11am PT, by following the #SecChat hashtag and @IntelSec_Biz Twitter feed to share your thoughts and get constructive feedback as we discuss trends, challenges and solutions in building a comprehensive security awareness program.

Logistics: How do I participate in #SecChat?

1. Find

– Search for the #SecChat hashtag (via TweetChat, TweetDeck, or a Twitter client) and watch the real-time stream.

2. Follow

@IntelSec_Biz will get the conversation rolling by posing a few questions to participants.

3. Engage!

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– #SecChat should last about an hour.

Questions? Find us on Twitter at @IntelSec_Biz.

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