#SecChat is Born! Join us for the inaugural Twitter chat

The security community is a very vocal and interactive bunch (if you haven’t figured that out already). We’re not afraid to share our ideas and opinions or to pass along best practices when it comes to the issues that impact information security and our jobs. And there is a constant stream of hot topics that are worthy of discussion, from APT, insider threats, Stuxnet, benchmarking, to PCI and the like.

Enter #SecChat. An experimental hashtag chat we’re helping to organize this Thursday. Maybe you’ve got a burning question to ask some industry experts, or just want to float some ideas past your peers. Now you have a place to do it.

Join us on Thursday, at 11am PT for a discussion on Personal Healthcare Information (PHI) and the security debate that ensues.  All are welcome to join.

Here’s what to do:


  • Simply follow the #SecChat hashtag (via search.twitter.com or a Twitter client) and watch the real-time stream.
  • At 11am PT @IntelSec_Biz will pose a few questions to participants on PHI using the #SecChat hashtag to get the conversation rolling.
  • Tweet your questions, comments, thoughts around PHI using the #SecChat hashtag. @reply other participants and react to their comments via #SecChat. Engage!
  • #SecChat should last about half an hour.

Hope you join us and some industry evangelists tomorrow for a lively discussion!

Questions or comments before Thursday? Feel free to tweet @IntelSec_Biz using #SecChat for more details.

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