The Scan: Don’t Fall for Hacks This Autumn

Hey guys! I’m Bradi, and this is The Scan. Because security news you need is news indeed.

Hackers Aim for Apple’s Core

Apple has always kicked Android’s butt at protecting phones from security issues. But alas, even the iPhone is far from perfect. Researchers have found that it’s possible to get around Apple’s many layers of protection when users connect their phone to a computer. Instead of attacking the phone, they just gain access through the computer it’s connected to. For now, the only solution seems to be never connecting your phone to a computer, especially if you think it might have malware on it. Now that’s the kind of hard-hitting common sense you can only find on…The Scan.

Fantasy Football Could Be a Nightmare

Autumn’s on its way, and that means three things: football, FANTASY football and hackers trying to rip you off. Fans will spend around 3.6 billion dollars on fantasy sports this year, and that kind of cabbage is irresistible to cyber thieves. One tactic is getting you to click on malicious links while you’re researching stats, player injuries and whatever else. So while you’re playing your little game, just be careful about opening attachments, update your security regularly and monitor app permissions. You might also think about getting some flowers and chocolates for that girlfriend you’re about to abandon for five months.

Smart Phone Fail

And hey! Did you know your smart phone has a gyroscope inside so it knows which way is up? And did you know that someone has figured out how to use that gyroscope as a microphone that can pick up your phone conversations? And did you know that third parties don’t need permission to access this gyroscope? FANTASTIC.

Those are your top security stories for the week. Be sure to check out for more on these and other stories. I’m Bradi. Thanks for watching and stay safe out there.

Bradi Van Noy HaysBradi has spent the last 7 years in the security industry managing SMB marketing on a global scale. Her drive is to help others understand the importance of security whether consumer, IT professional or business owner. She spends her ‘hands free time’ with her family and dogs and enjoys road trips and doing anything outdoors.

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