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Even though he’s now the former Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta is still trying to warn the U.S. about the risk of cyberattacks. He recently said that a cyberattack against the nation’s infrastructure is quote “the most serious threat in the 21st century.” “We have to take steps to better defend ourselves,” he said. Oh, so you’re saying we should address security concerns BEFORE we get attacked and not after? Thanks, Leon. Wish we’d thought of that.

Mt. Gox Crumbles, Bit By Bit

Well, that’s one way to kill a fad. It was recently reported that hackers stole 850,000 bitcoins from Mt. Gox, a Tokyo-based exchange. This is in addition to the $500 million worth of bitcoins stolen since the virtual currency launched in 2009. Security experts say that criminals are attracted to Bitcoin because it’s easier to steal and trade than real money. But they also say this won’t do Bitcoin in. “It’s just growing pains,” says Keith Jarvis, a security researcher at Dell SecureWorks. “BLEEP you,” said bitcoin theft victims as they egged Keith Jarvis’ house.

Ohhh, I was supposed to secure them?

Ever since Target announced they’d been the victim of a large data breach last December, speculation has run rampant on how it happened. A new Bloomberg Businessweek report concluded that the Target breach was a failure of process rather than technology. Now, it might be months or even years until we find out what really happened, but at least we know it was probably human error and not technology’s fault. Score one more for the robots.

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