The Scan: Breaches are Not a Game, They’re Gameover

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Sharing is Caring

The Senate Intelligence Committee just approved the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act, which would make it easier for the government and private sector to share security threat information with each other. Of course, privacy groups aren’t happy about it, saying that the bill will make it even easier for the NSA to gather info on innocent Americans. Dianne Feinstein, chairman of the Intelligence Committee, says that it’s a company’s responsibility to keep personal information safe. She also says that compromises are necessary to address security concerns.

Would You Like to Play Again?

Gameover is back and it’s better than ever! Cybercriminals are busy revamping Gameover Zeus, a sophisticated piece of malware designed to steal personal information when users access banking and other popular websites. The FBI managed to destroy the old version of Gameover, but not before it infected more than a million computers worldwide. Recently, researchers at Malcovery Security noticed several malicious emails containing a Trojan program that seems to be heavily based on Gameover Zeus code. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!

Stop, Drop, and Firewall

Small and medium-sized businesses may think they’re immune to the kinds of attacks that wreaked havoc on many large companies last year, but alas, they are not. While it’s true that big companies make for a bigger target, turns out many hackers are using their smaller, less-protected vendors to gain access. Companies of all sizes should be more careful when it comes to both security and personnel. Experts say it’s important to make sure you’re prepared if a breach occurs, even running drills to practice your plan of action. Okay people, you have been breached! Everybody duck and cover. Come on, under those desks!

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