Does the Saying “If You Build it, They Will Come” Apply to Data Protection?

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This blog was written by Pat Correia.

Try all we might to develop the perfect data protection and management solution, there will always be those that will not avail themselves to it for one reason or another. We keep striving to develop technologies and features that move the needle, but that doesn’t guarantee 100% adoption. But that is okay. We have to be realistic. No matter how great the solution or tool is, the fact is that it’s easy to pick up the phone and talk to someone to help resolve the issue. Nevertheless, there remains a cost issue for IT that needs addressing. Our customers tell us that. One example that IT is very familiar with is how to reduce Help Desk calls, specifically the call that starts with “I forgot my password.” Arguably, Help Desk calls cost around $50 per hour or more. And based on quickly searching the internet, they appear to be alive and well. It would be great to at least reduce the need for an end user to call. That would certainly help total cost of ownership (TCO).

Fortunately, we have some solutions that can provide some relief for the Help Desk as well as the End User. Okay, wait for it…we have an App for that! Yes, no kidding. For our latest software our McAfee Endpoint Assistant App runs on iOS and Android. It works in conjunction with our latest Data Protection software and our management console, ePolicy Orchestrator. The concept is simply to pair your Smartphone with your laptop. Utilizing McAfee’s latest Drive Encryption software, a unique to your laptop QR code is recognized by the Endpoint Assistant App. The App supplies you a challenge code to enter into your laptop authentication screen…and that’s it. You are in. No Help Desk call. You can even recover passwords on an airplane.

For those that need to have more performance, capabilities and remote management that is administered and scalable by an IT Admin, we have an answer too. Try an McAfee® based vPro™ platform. McAfee and McAfee have teamed together to provide superior data protection for these platforms which reduces the TCO to a point that far outweighs any additional platform cost. To explain this, Jason Kennedy from McAfee and I will be discussing this subject in a webinar to help customers leverage the work we have done. We have some really cool use cases that our customers are finding have real business value. Some customers are essentially “All In” and we’d like to share why.  Jason and I invite you to either webinar; for EMEA customers on Wednesday, 23 April and for Americas customers on Thursday, May 1.

If you have any questions, please comment here or head over to our Data Protection pages.

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